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2007 Award Ceremony and Banquet

October 6th 2007

We had a good evening, the crew and I started cooking around 1:30 in the afternoon. The weather was really nice, you had to stay in the shade but it was truly a nice day for October.
I thought we would never see the end of the stack of meat we had, but after a few diligent hours of cooking and only one minor grill fire we made it to the end of the stack.

Around 4:30 the crowd started to arrive, members with the families in tow. We started lining up for the food at 5:30, trust me we ate pretty good. I appreciate everyone that brought a covered dish. There was enough food to feed a small army. But we managed to put a good dent in it. It was terrific.
Just after 6:00 we started the award ceremony, this was a proud moment for Kathy and I, the people of this club are just outstanding. Everyone was at their best as usual. There was a few touching speeches and some proud moments for us all. We have watched this club mature in the past few years and have realized that the people we fish with are above the best. This is truly a family oriented club. Everyone is supportive and caring for each other. I will post the pictures from the evenings events as soon as I collect them from everyone.

Thanks for coming and I hope we can take it up a notch next year. Look forward to seeing you all then.

Support our troops and share the outdoors. Take a kid fishing.