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East Ozark Bass Club

2007 Rules

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                              EAST OZARK BASS CLUB INC.
                          MEMBERSHIP AND TOURNAMENTS
                         RULES AND REGULATIONS FOR 2007
1. Members must be 16 years of age, ( with parent's consent) to join this club. Theonly exception will be; if less than 16 years of age, the member must have writtenparental or legal guardian consent and must fish with that parent or legal guardian.No one under the age of 13 years will be permitted to fish a tournament unless theyfish with their parent or guardian.
2. It is the responsibility of each member of this club to know and obey all rules andregulations governing any body of water that has chosen to be fished by it's
members. Violations and penalties will be decided by club officials.
3. Abusive conduct will not be tolerated. Any misconduct issues and / or protests
must be filled within 15 minutes of the end of the tournament with club officials.
These will be dealt with by the tournament committee. The tournament committee
will consist of 5 members; the club president, and the #1 and #2 boats by draw in thetake off of the tournament. If the boat under protest is the #1 or #2 boat then thenext boat by draw shall become members of the tournament committee.
4. Membership dues will be $20.00 for everyone.
5. Any person who joins this club shall waive and release all other contestants, boat,and club officials from all claims and injuries, and / or damages incurred in
connection with the EAST OZARK BASS CLUB INC.
6. All monies will be deposited in a checking account convenient to the treasurer
under the name of EAST OZARK BASS CUB INC., with one signature required.

6a. There will be a reading of the minutes and financial statement at each meeting.
7. No person or member will be allowed to fish a tournament on credit. Tournament fees will be paid for by cash only. There will be an exception for the classic only. Fee's for the classic can be paid by check up to the week of the classic.
8. There will be a 4 boat minimum for all tournaments.
9. Any member may fish any tournament, regular or classic, alone. A full entry fee
for that boat must be paid. 1 man - $50.00 if an officer - $25.00. A total of 5 fish willbe allowed for weigh in.

9a. Clearwater tournaments 1 man $60.00 if an officer - $30.00.
10. Safe boating must be observed at all times. All boats and motors used should
meet the required safety standards. It is mandatory that each contestant wear a lifesaving device any time above an idle. And a kill switch is so equipped.
11. All Lakes and limits will apply. A 10 - inch minimum length will apply unless
otherwise specified. There will be a 5 fish total per boat.
12. There will be 5 lakes the club will fish.
Two local lakes which are: WAPPAPELLO, CLEARWATER,  lakes in Missouri.
Three away lakes which are POMME DE TERRE, LAKE OF THE OZARKS,
MARK TWAIN. The Classic will be held at POMME DE TERRE. There will be a
total of 10 tournaments besides the classic.
13. Type of tackle: only casting, spinning, or spin cast may be used. Only one rod may be used at a time, other rods may be rigged and ready as substitutes. Onlyartificial lures may be used.
14. All contestants will leave by boat together and return by boat together.
Exceptions; if a boat experiences unavoidable trouble, one member from the
affected boat may return to weigh in site in another members boat. However, each
boat's fish must remain separate from one another.
15. Boats and motors; electric trolling motors are permitted for moving the boat intoand during fishing for position. No pontoon or barge type craft will be permitted. A contestant may use their own boat and motor or they may rent or borrow one.
16. Registration fees must be paid 30 minutes prior to tournament take off time.
Exception's will be made by majority in tournament committee.
17. Only large mouth, Kentucky, Spotted, and Smallmouth bass eligible for weigh in.
                  WHITE BASS ARE INELIGIBLE !
18. Ties for total weight will be broken by biggest bass stringer. Ties for the biggest bass will be broken by total stringer weight.
19. Illegal fish brought to the scale at weigh in will be released immediately, and one pound per illegal fish will be deducted from the total stringer weight.
20. Any member weighing in a dead fish will be penalized 2/10th., of a pound per
dead fish.

21. Late weigh ins; The penalty for late weigh ins will be one pound per minute up to 5 minutes. Disqualifications will result after 5 minutes.
21a. Late weigh ins for the Classic only, The penalty for late weigh ins will be one
pound per minute up to 5 minutes. Disqualification will result after 5 minutes for the day of occurrence of the classic. However the penalty shall not cause the total weight to be a negative weight for the occurrence.
Example 1: Weigh in 3 pounds of fish and you are 4 minutes late. Maximum penalty is 3 pounds, for a total weigh in of 0 pounds.
Example 2: Weigh in 7 ponds of fish and you are 4 minutes late. Penalty is 4 pounds, for a total weigh in of 3 pounds.
Regardless of amount of weigh in, if you are 5 minutes late or more, no fish may be weighed in.
22. All fish will be measured on a club flat board with closed mouth and pinched tail. A courtesy board will be available.
22a. Measuring: after the member has measured their fish at the courtesy board, the fish shall be turned over to the person measuring the fish. At this time only the
person measuring shall have contact with all fish submitted for measuring and shall have final ruling as to the fishes discretion. The president may be asked for
verification of the length. At the president's discretion the courtesy board will be
legal as the flat board.
                   THIS RULE SHALL BE FINAL !
23. A committee to assist in live well checks.
23a. Boat #1 by draw will leave 10 minutes prior to take off time and will return to
the weigh in site 10 minutes early to check boats returning to weigh in site.
23b. All draw chips determining start positions must be turned in by the 5 minute
deadline. No chip turned in, results in no points awarded for any of the regular
tournaments and late penalty apply. If you lose your chip tell the boat # 1 that you
are in. Late penalty is same as rule 20.
23c. Official time and late weigh in times will be designated by the # 1 boat before
take off time. Boat #1 will be the 1st Lowest chip drawn at that tournament.
23d. Boat #2 by draw will be responsible for weighing in all fish and measuring
them. Boat #2 will be the 2nd Lowest chip drawn at that tournament.

22d. All recording and posting fish weights will be done by the treasurer or club

24. All meeting will be held 1st Wednesday of February and 1st Wednesday before the Classic and the 1st Wednesday in October for the Awards Ceremony and 1st Wednesday of November for Voting of Officers and Lakes for the next year.
25. It will be the duty of the treasurer or club officer to have tournament money
available at the end of each tournament except for the classic.
26. The tournament entry fee is $50.00 per boat except when we fish Clearwater
then it is $60.00 per boat. Breakdown fee is as follows; 25% of the gross to the
Classic, remainder 75% of gross to be paid back.
4-7 boats 1 Place
8-14 boats 2 Places
15-21 3 Places
22-28 4 Places
29-35 5 Places
36-42 6 Places
43-49 7 Places
50-56 8 Places
57-63 9 Places
26a. All winning shall be verified by members collecting from the club official before leaving, the club and the official shall not be held responsible for any discrepancies.
27. All fish will be returned to the lake if at all possible.
28. No guest will be allowed to fish the classic. Eligibility for the classic will require that a member must have fished a minimum of 5 tournaments. The classic will be a two day tournament with a $80.00 entry fee per boat. And $40.00 optional side pot per boat.
29. The Classic Lake site shall be determined by majority vote from the lake
nominations by members only.
29a.The number of places to be paid out at the classic tournament shall be decided by majority vote at the September meeting 2007 meeting.
30. All club officer's may fish all 10 tournaments with a waiver of the $25.00
tournament fee. The officers will pay full amount for the classic tournament entry
31. In the event of inclement weather or any condition that may be hazardous to any boater, the tournament committee shall, at or before take off time, At their
discretion, delay the tournament for a period of 15 minutes to 1 hour. This delay
shall not exceed 1 hour. At the end of a 1 hour delay, a majority vote of all club
members present that have paid for that tournament, shall determine any further
delay's or cancellation's of that tournament.
32. Any delays of a tournament shall be dealt with by a majority vote on a
tournament by tournament basis as to whether or not any time will be added to the end of the original scheduled time.
33. If a tournament is cancelled, a make up tournament can be voted upon either at the time of cancellation or at the next meeting. This decision is to be made by a majority vote at the cancelled tournament.
34. Fish bags; any bag may be used.
35. There will be a point system for all regular tournaments. These points shall be
cumulative through the 2007 season and shall be awarded on a individual basis.
                     1st - 50  2nd - 48  3rd - 47  4th  -46  5th - 45  6th - 44
                     7th - 43  8th - 42  9th - 41  10th - 40 11th - 39 12th - 38
                     13th - 37 14th - 36 15th - 35 16th - 34 17th - 33 18th - 32
                    19th - 31 20th - 30 21st - 29 22nd - 28 23rd - 27 24th - 26
                     25th - 25
Any team with fish weighed in above 25th place shall receive 20 points for that
tournament. Any team fishing a tournament and does not weigh in fish, shall receive 15 points. There will be a trophy awarded to the individual accumulating the most points. In case of a tie, duplicate trophies shall be awarded. The best 10 Tournament points will go toward championship points for each individual.
36. A trophy shall be awarded for the biggest bass caught during the regular
tournaments. In case a tie, duplicate trophies shall be awarded.
37. Best 10 tournaments will be named angler of the year. Due to a tie duplicate
trophies shall be awarded.
38. Angler of the year will not pay the CLASSIC FEE.
39. The rules for all EAST OZARK BASS CLUB tournaments will stand
unchanged. If there is a question on any rule or regulations, the final decision will be left to the tournament committee. If it is deemed necessary for a change of these rules, this may only be done at the November election / rules meeting.
39a. No other changes may be affected to any rule until the November 2007 meeting.