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Mark Twain Results, June 3rd
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                     Hulsey and McKinney Win It Again!



Reported By: Larry Merseal Larry is sponsored by: Omega Custom Tackle Inc., and Anglers Pro shop. Contact me through the 7/24 Outdoors staff page.


Thirteen teams showed up at the Robert E. Allen ramp to fish the East Ozarks fifth event of the year at Mark Twain Lake.

A large variety of baits and patterns were used to catch fish, with five limits weighed in.

Randy Hulsey and Randy McKinney

First place went to the Park Hills, MO team of Randy McKinney and Randy Hulsey, with a real nice Mark Twain limit weighing 14.98 lbs.

Hulsey reported that they caught all of their fish in Lick Creek. They used a 3/4 oz. white & chartreuse, tandem willow and colorado bladespinnerbait on flatter secondary points to boat eight keepers throughout the day. Hulsey said; the key was to slow roll the spinnerbait.

Their limit was anchored by a nice 4.42 lber.

Don (Wappa) Politte & Larry Merseal

Second place went the DeSoto tean of Don (Wappa) Politte and Larry Merseal with a limit weighing 14.90 lbs. We missed first place by less than a tenth of a pound.

We focused on steep, rocky secondary and main lake points to catch all eight of our keepers.

We were throwing a black and blue senko rigged wacky style and a 6" blue fleck power worm. We also threw a brown 7/16 oz. Omega Jig. All of our bites came in 5 foot or less of water.

We also had Big Bass for the event. It was a 4.90 lb. post spawn female that still had a bloody tail. She fell for the Omega jig on a bluff end about a mile from the ramp.


If you have any questions, please contact me at or visit the East Ozark Club website at

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Until then, see ya on the water!

Larry Merseal

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