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East Ozark Bass Club

2007 Point Standings

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This is the final point standings for 2007

1st PLace  Randy Hulsey                                                444 Points
2nd Place  Larry Merseal, Don Politte                             420 Points
3rd place   Randy McKinney                                          404 Points
4th Place   Kathy McNail                                                383 Points
5th Place   Dan McNail                                                   340 Points
6th Place   Mark Garner, Larry Hastings                         331 Points
7th Place   Jerry Hendrix, John Hickman                       315 Points
8th Place   Clarence Murphy, Helen Phellin                    292 Points
9th Place   Brian Hutson, Jeff Johnson                           273 Points
10th Place  Lee Asher                                                    261 Points
Good job one and all. Thanks for you dedication.

Qualification for the Classic:
There are 51 individuals qualified.
Hope to see you all at the classic
at Pomme De Terre.
If you are not sure if you qualify please
contact us and find out.