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East Ozark Bass Club


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This is our schedule for the 2007 season. Hope to see you at the ramp.

3/25   LOZ               7AM-3AM           

4/15   Pomme         6:30AM-2:30AM  

4/29   Clearwater    6:30AM-2:30AM  

5/6     LOZ               6AM-2PM            

6/3     Mark Twain   6AM-2PM            

6/10   Wap              6AM-2PM            

6/24   Pomme         6AM-2PM           

7/15   Wap              6AM-2PM            

7/28   Clearwater    9PM-7AM           

8/26   Wap              6:30AM-2:30PM  



Classic Tournament


9/15   Pomme          7AM-5PM          

9/16   Pomme          7AM-1PM          


His & Hers


4/21   Wap               6:30AM-2:30PM  

9/29   Wap               7AM-2PM           




Membership             $20.00 Annualy

Tournaments            $50.00 Per Boat

Except Clearwater   $60.00 Per Boat

Classic                      $80.00 Per Boat

Optional Side Pot     $20.00 Per Boat


To qualify for the Classic you must fish

5 tournaments for that season.

*Note* There will be a meeting 9/05/07

To vote on payouts for the Classic.

Boat Ramps For the 2007 Season
LOZ             Larry Gayle
Pomme        Hermitage
Clearwater    Piedmont
Wap            Chaonia
Mark Twain  Robert E Allen
Wap            State Park
Pomme        Hermitage

Note: Participants of tournaments
must be signed no later than thirty
minutes prior to take off. Thanks

Just a note there will be a meeting on November 7th 2007. The meeting will be held at 7 o'clock in the North Building at Mineral Area College. This meeting will include voting for the schedule for 2008, rule changes and officer elections. Plus any other issues or concerns that need to be addressed. You will also be able to pay your membership fees for the next year at this time. Hope to see you all there. If you have any questions please contact us.