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East Ozark Bass Club
Clear Water 7-28-07
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East Ozark Bass Club

Clear Water

July 28th, 2007

Piedmont access


   “Browers and Bennett Best a field of 26"


Reported by: Larry Merseal - Larry is sponsored by Anglers Pro Shop and


On our ninth tour stop of the season, the East Ozark Bass Club held the 1st and only night tournament of the year, on what proved to be a very tough night of fishing at Clear Water.

Out of 26 teams, only 6 limits came to the scales and the weights were way down from previous night tournaments at Clear Water.


First place went to the Arcadia Valley team of Mark Browers and Derek Bennett with a limit weighing 12.80 lbs. Mark reported concentrating on main lake points from Bluff View to the dam to catch their fish. They threw dark colored 10" worms and brush hogs, and all of their bites came in 10' of water. They also took Big Bass honors for the night with a nice one weighing 4.94 lbs. They caught her 10' deep on a black/blue ten inch worm.


Second place went to the Park Hills team of Randy McKinney and Randy Hulsey with a limit weighing 10.80 lbs. Hulsey reported concentrating on main lake points with brush. They used 10" black worms to do the damage, and their bites came in 12 to 15 feet of water. They didn’t have anything going until midnight and had a limit by 4:00am.

Hulsey said “The bite was very slow!”


Third place went to Mike Hardy of Ironton and Randy LaChance of Fredericktown with a limit weighing 7.86 lbs.

They fished the Bluff View area and caught all of their fish on flat gravel banks, just off the main lake. They used dark colored 10" worms, and caught them around 10 feet deep.


Fourth place went to David Johnson of Irondale and Andy Simily of Leadwood with 5 fish weighing 7.30 lbs. The fished the Bluff View area and caught their limit on nothing gravel banks in small pockets, just off the main lake. Their limit fell victim to 10" black/blue power worms in 8' to 10 feet of water.


The wildest thing happened tonight. One of our teams had a life threatening experience, and it’s safe to say that they were “a little rattled.”

They went close to the bank to retrieve a crankbait that was hung up in a stump, and after they got their lure, one of them headed back towards the back of the boat and heard the buzzing sound that could only be made by a “RATTLESNAKE!”

It turned out that a 3 to 4 foot timber rattler had somehow found it’s way into the boat. Now keep in mind “It’s a night tournament.” They handled it like pro’s. They dug out the boat paddle and removed the threat! WOW!


Our next tournament will be held at Wappapello Lake on 08-26-2007 at the Chaonia ramp, from 6:00am. To 2:30pm.

Until then, see ya!

Larry Merseal

Contact me at and make sure to stay up to date on the website at

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